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Heat pumps are an extremely energy efficient way of keeping open spaces such as lounges, kitchens and large bedrooms at comfortable temperatures no matter what the season. 

The Heathcotes team can demonstrate key technologies of major brands such as Mitsubishi Electric’s Hypercore and Rapid Heat technology. Panasonic’s energy efficient Aero Series models and Fujitsu’s built in WiFi.

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The most popular choice for air conditioners/heat pumps. They save floor space by being mounted high on the wall and are designed to suit any home.

Floor Mounted

A great option for renovations especially for filling cavities such as fireplaces. They tend to heat rooms faster and can be run at lower temperatures.

Roof Cassette

These ceiling mounted systems are great if you want to keep your wall and floor space free without compromising on comfort.

Home Ducted System

Units are completely hidden from view with only subtle grilles visible. Units are installed in the roof cavity with ducts used to connect to multiple rooms for heating.

Electric Heaters

Ideally suited for single rooms you only need to heat occasionally. Electric heaters are a good option to replace LPG heaters or open fires and can be installed virtually anywhere in the room. These are safe options without fuel or toxic byproducts. With virtually no moving parts electric heating is extremely reliable.

Panel Heaters

Ideal for heating small rooms. Safe to run for long periods of time due to low wattage. Slim designs allow them to blend into all types of room environments.  

Oil Column Heaters

Great for heating bedrooms overnight due to quiet operation. More energy efficient due to not needing constant power to retain heat. 

Convection Heaters

Good for heating an entire room for long periods. Heated air is distributed evenly throughout the entire room creating a more comfortable environment. 

Fan Heaters

Cheap and compact, fan heaters produce heat quickly and are a good option for small spaces. A safe and easy option to set up with adjustable thermostats. 

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