Mitsubishi Four Drawer WX743 Refrigerator

Mitsubishi Four Drawer WX743 Refrigerator


Warranty: 24 months manufacturer's warranty included

Total warranty: 24 months

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Mitsubishi Electric

Mitsubishi Four Drawer WX743 Refrigerator


The Most Advanced Refrigerator Yet

This Metallic Silver glass front 743L French Door 4 Drawer Fridge is the flagship of multi drawer refrigeration. Made in Japan, it features separate fully customisable temperature zones including the Vitalight Humidity Drawer and the Versa Freezer Drawer designed to keep all kinds of food fresher for longer. Inverter technology ensures optimum temperature management while saving power, longer lasting freshness, and unparalleled whisper quietness.

Neuro Inverter Technology
The use of super-efficient Inverter Technology combined with monitored temperature sensors installed throughout the refrigerator makes the WX one of the most efficient fridges in the New Zealand market. The WX is able to accurately control the temperature of each drawer to ensure excellent customisation and minimal temperature fluctuations. Not only that, but the WX learns from and adapts to your lifestyle in order to optimise output for unparalleled energy efficiency.

Non-Plumbed Automatic Ice Maker
The WX features a Non-Plumbed Automatic Ice Maker with separate ice drawer. As there is no separate plumbing connection required the fridge can be placed anywhere in your kitchen, not just near existing pipe work. And with its advanced cleaning filter that removes impurities, bacteria, and chlorine, ice will always be clean and fresh.

LED Touch Panel
The WX Refrigerator features an intuitive LED Touch Panel that allows you to use the advanced functions with ease. Each function can be activated using a very simple three step process.

Refrigeration Compartment
Functional and illuminated by 10 LED lights, the French Door Refrigerator Compartment provides significantly more usable space than ‘side-by-side’ designs. The French Door design means that the refrigerator compartment is at a convenient waist height for easy access to refrigerator items.

Sliding Chilled Cases (Refrigeration Compartment)
Short term food storage is now even more convenient and sophisticated. The WX features the Sliding Chilled Case, perfect for neatly storing deli meats, cheeses and dairy products. And the Supercool Chilling Case is specifically designed to prolong the freshness of meats and fish.

Versa Freezer Drawer
The Versa Drawer gives you the ability to preserve food quality without losing moisture and taste, making storage more convenient and preparation a breeze even while food is still frozen. The Versa Drawer has three modes: Supercool Freezing, Soft Freezing, and Hot Freezing. And as an added bonus, when additional storage capacity is required the Versa Drawer can also be utilised for standard freezing.


Capacity - Total (Net / Gross) 576 / 743 litres
Capacity - Freezer Drawer (Net / Gross) 81 / 151 litres
Capacity - Refrigerator Room (Net / Gross) 370 / 377 litres
Capacity - Vegetable Drawer (Net / Gross) 93 / 134 litres
Capacity - Ice Drawer (Net / Gross) 4 / 25 litres Capacity - Versa Drawer (Net / Gross), 28 / 56 litres
Dimensions (WxHxD) 800 x 1821 x 748
Weight 142 kg Net / 150 kg Gross
Castors 4x
Adjustable Foot 2x
Colour Metallic Silver
Opening Center Split French Doors
Cooling System Forced air convention
Frost Free Yes
CFC Free Yes (R600a Iso Butane)
Inverter Technology Yes
Vacuum Insulated Panels Yes
Neuro Fuzzy Logic Yes
ECO Mode Yes ECO Guide, Yes
Power Save Mode Yes
Rapid Cool Mode Refrigerator Compartment / Humidity Drawer / Freezer Drawer
Monitored Temperature Sensors 8x
External LED Touch Control Panel Yes
Door Alarm Refrigerator Compartment / Ice Drawer / Versa Drawer / Freezer Drawer / Humidity Drawer
Anti-Bacterial Food Liner Yes
Deodorizer Yes
Energy Star Rating 4
Sound Level 15dBA
kWh Per Year 430
Fridge - Quick Cooling Function No
Freezer Drawer - Standard Freeze Function Yes
Freezer Drawer - Quick Freeze Function No
Freezer Drawer - Sliding Top Tray Yes
Fridge - Elevating Shelf No
Fridge - Two-Way Flexi Shelf 1x
Fridge - Wide Chilled Case 1x
Fridge - Super Cool Chilling Case 1x
Fridge - Small Item Case No
Fridge - Egg Tray 1x
Fridge - Large Bottle Pocket 1x
Fridge - Small Bottle Pocket 1x
Fridge - Adjustable Door Pocket 4x
Fridge - LED Compartment Light 10x
Fridge - Multi Temperature Setting Yes
Ice Drawer - Automatic Ice Maker Yes
Ice Drawer - Frost Free Yes
Ice Drawer - Rapid Ice Mode Yes
Ice Drawer - Standard Ice Mode Yes
Ice Drawer - Water Supply V-LED Purifying No
Ice Drawer - Removable Water tank 1x
Ice Drawer - Removable Easy Clean Components Yes
Ice Drawer - Removable Easy Clean Ice Tray Yes
Ice Drawer - Ice Tray and Scoop Yes
Ice Drawer - Soundproof Mat Yes
Vegetable Drawer - Light Emitting Vitamin Guard Yes
Vegetable Drawer - Constant Humidity Care Yes
Vegetable Drawer - Keep Vegetables Moist Yes
Vegetable Drawer - Quick Cooling Function No
Vegetable Drawer - Sliding Top tray Yes
Vegetable Drawer - Multi Temperature Setting Yes
Versa Drawer - Soft Freeze Function Yes
Versa Drawer - Rapid Cool Function No
Versa Drawer - Standard Freeze Function Yes
Versa Drawer - Hot Freeze Function Yes
Versa Drawer - Supercool Function Yes
Versa Drawer - Aluminium Tray Yes
Versa Drawer - Multi-Temperature Setting Yes

This product comes with a 24 month manufacturer's warranty.

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