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The World’s Most Advanced Drinking Water Appliance

Water You'll Love to Drink

Only Zenith HydroTap transforms ordinary water into a form you will love. This essential and smart addition to any kitchen provides pure tasting boiling, chilled and sparkling water, instantly. It’s no wonder research suggests that 80% of residential Zenith HydroTap owners drink more water than before.* We call this the Zenith effect. And with scientific research proving that regularly drinking H20 can have some surprising benefits, you’ll question how you ever lived without Zenith HydroTap. *Statistic based on a survey of 354 owners of residential-installed Zenith HydroTaps.

Configure Your HydroTap

Build your own HydroTap with this quick and easy to use product selector. It only takes a few simple clicks to find the perfect HydroTap for your kitchen. View online here.