Coffee Buying Guide

Fancy a freshly brewed, café quality coffee at the touch of a button? Or maybe you're looking to expand your skills and want the full barista experience?
Before you buy, take a look at our buying guide to help decide which machine will best suit you.

Find your coffee personality:

- How often do you drink coffee?
- Do you prefer instant & easy or a barista coffee?
- Do you enjoy the process of making coffee, or is all about the drink at the end?
- Do you have the counter space to accommodate a larger machine?

Taste Tester

Those who truly enjoy the flavour of a premium coffee. Taste Testers drink coffee for the experience, and are particular about their perfect coffee. Extra attention is paid to every detail.

Energy Booster

The Energy Booster loves good coffee, but mostly drinks it for the caffeine hit. They don't mind if it's a Flat White, Cappucino or an iced Americano - as long as it's a coffee hit.

Sweet Tooth

Does your sweet tooth rule your coffee order? Your go-to is something sweet, with plenty of extra flair. From a Mochaccino to Caramel Latte or anything off the Starbucks secret menu. 

On the Go

Those who want barista-level coffee in a to-go cup; you want good coffee ASAP to take with you. On the Go drinkers want to take time to enjoy their coffee but prefer to multi-task with it.

Fast & Furious

Do you enjoy café-style coffee but love the ease and simplicity of a classic instant coffee? Want to branch out and upgrade your coffee game but unsure where to start? 

Which machine is right for you?

Manual Pump Machines

For those who like to have total control over every aspect of their coffee. For experimenting with beans, adjusting the temperature and strength and perfectly frothing milk for the odd latte art.
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Nespresso Machines

For those who value flavour and variety, but want simple, no mess coffee making. The most important part is the drinking, not the labour. A Nespresso Coffee Machine is the perfect addition to your kitchen.
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Fully Automatic Machines

For the hosts who make a lot of coffee. Whether it’s for you, family or visitors, you often find yourself whipping up multiple brews at a time. Convenience is key. A Fully Automatic Coffee Machine is perfect for you.
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Filter Coffee Machines

Celebrate the authentic craftsmanship of pour-over coffee with a filter coffee machine. With greater flexibility and control, the slower process allows for a more intense and aromatic brew.
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Don't forget about accessories:

Cleaners/ Descalers

Everything you need to keep your machine running at it's best.

Knock Boxes

The easiest way to discard of used grounds during the process.


Shop our range of coffee glasses - the best way to enjoy your coffee.

Jugs & Canisters

Explore coffee storage options & jugs to up your milk-frothing game.

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