Heathcotes BBQ Buying Guide

Cooking on the BBQ is a way of life for many of us. It’s where we share meals and memorable moments with family and friends and our mouths water at the crisp smoky smells drifting around us. We each have our own traits when it comes to the perfect way to BBQ and thankfully there are enough options on the market to meet everyone’s fancy.

To make it easier to choose, have a think about how you like to BBQ

How do you Cook?

Do you like using the grill or a hot plate… or perhaps a bit of both? Getting the mix right is essential. Generally, you’ll find you get half-half in most models, but with a larger BBQ you have greater flexibility.

How many do you cook for? 

This will help determine the size of BBQ you need. If you cook for many, then you might want to consider a gas BBQ with many burners that you can use as required. A rough guide of how many burners you’ll need if you’re considering a gas BBQ - 3 people (2-3 Burners), 4 + people (4-8 Burners)

Built-in or Freestanding?

Built-in BBQ’s are mounted into cabinetry in a similar way a cooktop is installed into a kitchen. They’re considered as a versatile way to feature a BBQ, allowing you to add accessories like side burners and underbench refrigeration.

Freestanding BBQ’s are essentially frame finish BBQ’s that are installed onto a trolley, and offer end users the freedom and flexibility of moving the BBQ around while not losing any of the performance quality a built-in BBQ offers. These are a great option if you don’t have room for outdoor cabinetry.

Are you a charcoal lover or a gas flamer? Do you like to slowly smoke your dish or is an electric rotisserie more your style?
If you like to use gas, do you have access to pipped natural gas or will you use bottles? If you’re not sure, see below for a quick guide on each of the fuels.

Charcoal/Heat Beads

Smoky flavoured, moist food 

Flexibility of placement


LPG/Natural Gas

Fast heating with instant heat control. 

Flexibility of placement unless built-in or connected to gas pipe.



Convenient quick heating

Limited to placement near an electricity outlet


Now that you know what kind of BBQ chef you are, it’s time to look at the types available; and when you’re ready to look at the ranges available on the market, have a look at our BBQ products here.


Fuel: Charcoal, electric and gas

Where: Balconies, picnics, camping. 

Compact and lightweight. Some have folding side shelves and detachable stands for easy storage and can feed up to 4-6 people at once.


Fuel: Gas

Where: Balconies, decks, garden 

With its hood to trap the heat, this type of BBQ gives you the flexibility to not only grill and fry but also to bake, roast and smoke. Many models have an optional rotisserie as an accessory.


Fuel: Charcoal, heat beads

Where: Balconies, decks, garden 

These BBQs produce a distinctive smoky flavour in your food. They don’t have many features, but accessible air vents and cool handles are musts. You may also want to consider grill and hotplate options and wheels for portability.

Hooded - Built-in

Fuel: Gas

Where: Built into exsisting structure


This type gives you diverse cooking options with the hood creating an oven-like environment when it’s closed. This type of BBQ can be built into your ideal outdoor room, creating a space to enjoy and share with friends and family.