Designed to look like a slim picture frame
Samsungs The Frame 4K QLED allows you to customize the TV the way you want. Easy to install and with a variety of different styles to choose from, you can change things up as often as you like.

When you have finished watching your favourite shows and you turn the Frame off it switches to a low power Art Mode. Art Mode featues motion and light detection meaning that if no one has been in the room for an hour or over then the display will switch off completely until the someone walks in the room or the room is lit up again. The Frame TV has a matte display meaning the artwork alwasy looks the best it can. You can select artwork from the built in Art store or upload your own photos to be displayed. 

Just because The Frame is designed to look like a piece of artwork in your home doesn't mean its lacking in the television department either! The Frame features all of the latest QLED technolgy creating a brilliant viewing experience whether you are watching TV or not.