Shopping online is a daily experience in today’s tech-driven world. To create a better user experience Heathcote Appliances has incorporated product reviews to give customers reassurance and advice on products they wish to purchase online. This is just one of ways we ensure our customers are satisfied with the products they choose and guide them to make the right decision.

To give you the best reviews possible Heathcote Appliances has partnered with a leading global product review aggregator, TestFreaks to provide authentic and unbiased reviews on our products.

By utilising the TestFreaks review platform we are able to bring you reviews from independent tech experts and personal consumers of millions of purchases made around the world.

This advanced product-matching technology gives you the ability to see the best reviews possible for your chosen product. You can see overall star ratings and browse dozen or even thousands of reviews directly from the product page.

How does the review platform work?

The review platform works by pulling scores and review snippets from experts as well as manufacturers and retailers around the world and matching them with the exact products we sell. This means you are getting reviews from a wider audience than only New Zealand customers.

Each review is verified to give the consumer an accurate examination of the product. All factors are taken into consideration to ensure each review is credible in both positive and negative circumstances. 

Each product obtains a “score” which is based on both all expert and user reviews collected for a product. The overall score is based on

  • Trust - Reviews from trusted, high-quality sources have higher importance
  • Votes - Scores based on several votes are more reliable than scores with few votes
  • Experts - Expert reviews are generally more important than user reviews

The TestFreaks company have been collecting review content from both experts and consumers since 2006. They are an independent company based in Stockholm, Sweden.

TestFreaks ensure that each review goes through quality filters to ensure accuracy and relevance. TestFreaks do not write or edit any reviews. TestFreaks also do not favour any brand or a particular product. 

How do I write a review for a product I purchased?

Each time you purchase a product from us online you will be sent a follow-up email to confirm you have received your purchase, you will also have the opportunity to review the product.

If you purchased a product in-store you can simply go directly to the product page of the item you purchased and go to the “Write a Review” section.

Once you have submitted your review it will go into the TestFreaks portal and run through a series of quality filters to ensure the review is credible, providing consumers with an accurate representation of the product. 

You will receive an email to confirm your email address is credible and your review can be processed to be displayed on the site. This may take a few days.

If you have any questions regarding about our review platform or any review on our website, please contact us and we will be happy to help.