If you are looking to update your laundry appliances then look no further than Heatchotes! We sell applainces from all of the biggest brands like Beko, Bosch, Electrolux, Fisher & Paykel, Haier, Miele, Samsung and Westinghouse. 

Washing Machine technology has come a long way with features like the ability to control your appliances from your smart phone or features like Twindos from Miele or iDos from Bosch which takes all the guess work away from needing to know how much detergent each wash needs. Even if you don't need features this smart, you can still find the right machine for your needs at Heathcotes.

Heat Pump dryers are the best of the best in the dryer world right now, they excel at getting your clothes dry but also help to keep the power bill low while they do it. Heat pump Dryers make use of a refrigerant so they use less electricity to produce heat and to top it all off they don't need to be vented. Heat Pump Dryers can be more on the expencive end of laundry applainces so the next best bet is a Condensor Dryer - these dryers are pretty similar to Heat Pump Dryers, they just dont have the heat pump. Condensor dryers don't need to be vented either and will actually dry your clothes faster than a Heat Pump Dryer but will use more electricity to do so and are much cheaper upfront.