Calling all cinema junkies and home theatre enthusiasts! If you are looking to turn your living room into the best entertainment experience possible then Heathcotes has you covered with the best prices in NZ! Look no further than the OLED TV!

OLED Televisions are the current pinnacle of TV Technology. These TVs have a panel that produces light when an electric current is run through it, this means is the pixels themselves are creating the light that makes up the image on the screen. This is beneficial because when pixels on the screen don’t need to be lit up they turn off completely creating superior contrast meaning much deeper blacks and vivid whites leaving you with a spectacular image on screen allowing you to see your movies or TV shows the way it was intended.

Because these TVs don’t require a dedicated back light These TVs tend to be thinner and lighter than other models as well. Another great advantage of an OLED TV is the high refresh rate which, if you are a gamer is a fantastic reason to check out an OLED TV.

Here at Heathcotes we stock the best OLED brands Sony & Panasonic with the best prices in NZ. Please contact us if you require any further information or have any questions.