Introducing BEKO


Heathcote Appliances is proud to introduce BEKO to New Zealand. A global brand trusted by over 280 Million Customers.

BEKO Smart Generation

The world is changing and so is our style of living. We don't want to waste natural resources, time and money. We also don't want to compromise on quality, technology and design.

It's a new world. It's a smart generation. Beko is offering smart technologies with stylish functional designs that are environmentally friendly and a pleasure to use. Beko products are already widely acclaimed by this new smart generation.

Our Purpose: Provide smart solutions to improve your everyday life!

Beko provides innovative appliances that you will enjoy using every day. Beko Smart Solutions feature stylish functional designs, efficiency and advanced technology. Inspired by consumer insights, Beko developed its smart solutions to exceed your expectations.

Our Technological Approach: Create a user experience!

Beko products include washing machines, dryers, ovens, fridges, and dishwashers. In creating these appliances, we have used our research and development capabilities and engineering expertise to bring efficiency of functionality into your life.

Our Environmental Policy: Friend of the Earth!

Beko is highly committed to reducing the impact of its products and production processes on the environment. Here, we design the product to be energy efficient and easily recycled. Then, from these designs, we create products using processes that minimise our carbon footprint and environmental impact.

The Story of Beko

We set out in the early 90s with one goal in mind: Provide Smart Solutions in whiteware products that will improve the everyday lives of our customers for many years to come. Our designs for these products are focused on our customers' needs.

To become a global brand, we listened to millions of consumers from more than 100 countries; in response, we developed various refinements of design and technology to cater to the needs of different people, different cultures and different ways of life. Not only do we seek excellence in our products, but in every aspect of our service, from design to packaging, from distribution to sales. It's due to this philosophy that there are millions of households worldwide that use Beko whiteware products.

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