Sunbeam Chicken Fajitas
Appliances used
Sunbeam Multi Zone Air Fryer Oven
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Chicken Fajitas made with tender chicken strips, colourful veggies and a delicious spice blend. Add your favourite toppings for a mouthwatering and fun air fryer meal.
2 large skinless and boneless chicken fillets
30g fajita seasoning
2 tbsp oil
1 red onion, sliced
2 peppers of your choice, sliced
4 tortilla wraps
Lets Make It!
1. Slice the chicken into strips, add the fajita seasoning and mix well ensuring all of the chicken is coated. Set aside to marinade for at least 30 minutes.
2. Remove the air flow tray from 1 of the baskets. Add the marinated chicken and 1 tbsp oil, stir to combine.
3. Cook on air fry 180c for 15 mins, ensuring that you stir half way through the cooking time. The unit will sound when you need to do this.
4. Stir in the onion and peppers and add a further 15 minutes to the time at 180c, air fry. Stir half way through the cooking time.
5. Serve piled into warm tortilla wraps with a selection of your favourite toppings.

To serve, choose from – guacamole, sliced avocado, salsa, chopped tomatoes, refried beans, coriander leaves, sour cream or sliced chillies.