Designed to be redesigned.

Finally a fridge that you can easily restyle anytime. Start by choosing one of twenty colour options. The Vario Style coloured fridge freezer with VitaFresh is the world’s first fridge with an exchangeable colour door panel. Now you can easily restyle your kitchen how you want and when you want.

Because the kitchen is more than just a place to eat. It’s where parties or a cozy dinner with the family takes place. And the central hub, whether it’s about food or drinks, is the fridge. It’s a highlight in any kitchen, especially when it’s freestanding.

By combining style, superior quality and simplicity our Vario Style coloured fridge freezer allows you to truly make your kitchen an expression of yourself with an outstanding, unique character. No matter, if you’re in the mood for a bold, vibrant and seasonable colour or looking for a subtle colourful accent.

A fridge, that shows its true colours – your favourite ones.

No matter if your favourite colour is a vibrant cherry red, a bold espresso brown or a pure nature colour such as aqua. With the new Bosch Vario Style bottom freezer with exchangeable colour door panels you can now simply refresh the colour of your fridge anytime thanks to the large variety of magnetic colour door panels. These colour door panels highlight the stylish flat door design.

Choose your favourite colour.

You can now give your kitchen a look just as fresh as your food: Simply choose a high quality colour door panel in your favourite colour – from vibrant cherry red to bold colours, like espresso brown or black matt, passing through seasonal nature colours such as aqua.