The fastest, most intelligent Windows PCs ever

Power up

With turbocharged NPU powered by Snapdragon® X Elite, your experience is unmatched with lightening speed and smooth performance.

Your new superpower

Accelerate your productivity and creativity with unique Copilot+ PC experiences, powered by Snapdragon® X Elite.1

Powerful value

Spend it on what matters. Feel the power of turbocharged NPU delivering unique Copilot+ PC experiences, with the confidence of advanced security

All day. All night.

What is power without endurance? With all day battery life, you won't just be faster than air - you'll be lighter, too.4

Turbocharged NPU

Why follow when you can set the pace? With an NPU on the Snapdragon® X Elite processor, you'll have 45 trillion operations per second to work with. Now that's a power move.

Built in peace of mind

Uniquely designed for secure Al performance, Copilot+ PCs safeguard your most sensitive information so you can be in control of protecting what's yours.
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