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Whether you’re after a ventedcondenser or heat pump dryer, Heathcotes has it all. We offer a wide variety of style, capacity and size options to best suit your household.


These dryers draw in air which is then heated to dry your laundry. The moisture that evaporates from your clothes then needs to be vented to an outside outlet. Typically, this is done via a duct or vent hose.

These are not the most energy efficient dryers, if the air in your home has been heated or cooled by an air conditioner or radiator, your dryer will have to treat this air - an energy-intensive process.

A very reliable dryer with few parts and proven reliability. These are very common dryers and have the lowest upfront cost the cost of running them can be high.


  • Vented dryers are cheaper, simpler and reliable
  • Lowest upfront cost option
  • Quick Dry times


  • Dealing with a flexible venting hose – require the correct space to install
  • Energy costs are higher over time
  • Not an option in some living situations

Condenser/tumbler dryers pass heated air through the load that diverts the hot damp air into a condensing chamber so that it condenses back into the water and is collected in a plastic tank, which you have to manually empty. It is possible to plumb in some condenser dryers so that the water goes to a drain.

The Condenser/Tumbler is an affordable and reliable option for any domestic household looking for versatility and convenience.


  • Provide a solution when venting a dryer is difficult
  • Are ideal for those living in places with little space
  • Are an affordable option


  • As they are heavy they cannot easily be wall mounted
  • Poor energy efficiency




Heat pump dryers heat the air then pass it through the drum of the machine.
The moisture removed from the clothes is then deposited into a water tank (same as a condenser/tumbler dryer). Warm air is then heated back up, and circulated back into the drum.

Heat pump dryers are better for your health and your home. Removing the hassle of hanging out large amounts of washing indoors, which can also produce health problems by leaving high levels of moisture in the air.

To ensure proper air flow and performance of heat pump dryers the filters and condenser need to be religiously cleaned and maintained.

Using half the energy of other dryer’s models making them incredibly efficient. They do have a higher price tag but can pay off in the long run.


  • Extremely energy efficient – Cost effective
  • Low-temperature drying - Better for your clothes


  • A significantly higher purchase price


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