Find the best heating solution for your needs this winter!

Lets start with electric heaters

Ideally suited for single rooms you only need to heat occasionally. Electric heaters are a good option to replace LPG heaters or open fires and can be installed virtually anywhere in the room. These are safe options without fuel or toxic byproducts. With virtually no moving parts electric heating is extremely reliable.
Panel heaters are convection heaters and provide warmth based on the principle of hot air attracting cool air over a large panel surface. Air is drawn over the element and rises up through the unit and out the top through vents.
Great for
• Lounges, hallways, & bedrooms
• Heat pump complementary heating
• Quiet operation
• Simple manual operation
Oil column heaters warm the air via metal fins that have hot oil circulating through them. The large surface area of the fins allows more heat to be transferred to the surrounding air. Oil column heaters are ideal for heating any kind of room.
Great for
• Small to large rooms
• Quiet operation
• Portability around the home
Radiant heaters use tubes that generate heat much like that produced by the sun. The heat rays are absorbed by you and objects but the surrounding air is not heated. Radiant heaters provide instant heat and are ideal for personal heating.
Great for
• Personal warmth
• Ambience (warm glow)
• Draughty environments
Ceramic heaters are the most efficient form of fan based portable heating. The key feature of a ceramic heater is that it has no glowing parts and is therefore safer. Most units feature a thermostat, timer and oscillating function.
Great for
• Small rooms
• Quick heating
• Personal warmth

Keep cosy with an electric blanket or heated throw

Before you go to bed, electric blankets preheat it for warmth and comfort. This warmth is conducted through the electric blanket’s fabric and into your bed. A control unit regulates the amount of power passing into the electric blanket, and therefore the level of warmth. Most electric blankets come with 3 or more heat settings.

A lot of us have had electric blankets before, but did you know there are different types of  electric blankets?
Get the added warmth of wool with the Sunbeam Sleep Perfect Wool Fleece electric blanket. With sleep perfect sensors, fast 5 minute heat up, Cosy Feet Design and a snuggly 100% Australian wool top, it’s everything you’ll need for a warm and cosy night’s sleep.
Sleep on a cloud of comfort with The Sunbeam Sleep Perfect Quilted Electric Blanket, the only electric blanket with a quilted top layer for extra comfort and support. With 5 minute fast heat up and safety auto off, it’s everything you’ll need for a warm night’s sleep.
Your health and safety are front and centre with Sunbeam’s Sleep Perfect Antibacterial Heated Blanket. Featuring an antibacterial treatment that inhibits the growth of bacteria and mould , it also features nine heat settings, 10 minute heat up and safety auto off.
Use it on the couch, in the bedroom or over your knees while you work, it's the ultimate versatile heated throw. With six heat settings, Secure Sleep Protection mechanism and safety auto off, you’ll be snug and safe no matter where you are.

Keep your home dry with a Dehumidifer

Dehumidifiers eliminate excess moisture from the air, controlling humidity-related issues, and allowing you and your family to enjoy ​​​​​​​a comfortable and healthier home all year round.

Explore some of the features Dehumidifiers have below:
Dehumidifiers are designed to remove excess moisture from the air around your home. This is particularly helpful for eliminating mould creating a much healthier environment in your home.
Some Dehumidifiers have a laundry mode for when you need to dry your laundry indoors. Laundry mode optimises ventilation speed and moisture removal capacity helping your laundry get dry in no time. 
Air purification is a big deal these days and some of the Dehumidifiers have this built right in! Active carbon captures most of the air based bacteria and reduces bad odours.
With todays technology appliances are more connected than ever and Dehumidifiers are no exception! Enjoy being able to turn it on from anywhere and monitor your homes moisture level right from your phone.

All year round comfort with an Air Conditioner

Whether it’s at home or work, Air Conditioners can make life a lot more comfortable throughout summer and winter. There are different types to suit different spaces and overall cooling requirements, learn more about the different types below.

Here at Heathcotes we have our own air conditioning and heat pump department that installs all throughout the Waikato. We service some of the most trusted brands in the industry like Mitsubishi Electric, Panasonic and Fujitsu. If this sounds good to you then hit the button below for a free no obligation quote - One of our qualified technicians will come to you and work out the best solution for your home or environment.
Suitable For: Multiple rooms and/or an open area

These energy efficient conditioners cool the air by blowing in cool air and expelling the heat outside. 
Suitable For: Multiple rooms and/or an open area

This is a hybrid of split and ducted system and can heat or cool between two to five rooms at a time.
Suitable For: The entire home

Heat your entire home, with ducts running under or through the house. Requires a compressor installed, which will pump the cool or hot air through your home.
Suitable For: Portable, single room 

Can be moved from room to room, providing flexibility. Requires a pipe to be out an open window in order to remove heat from the room