Quietly Superior Living

For over 40 years, Mitsubishi Electric has earned the trust of New Zealanders by consistently delivering superior products that make life better. Mitsubishi Electric is not just a name; it's a promise of quality, innovation, and a quieter, superior way of living.

Experience the Mitsubishi Electric difference in refrigeration, heat pumps and dehumidifiers today.



Mitsubishi Electric leads the way in New Zealand with the quietest refrigerators and are innovators of multi-drawer technology since 2004. The unique and completely separate Vitalight Humidity Drawer appeals to fruit and vegetables enthusiasts, to keep produce fresher for longer. 
Beyond a range of exceptional features, you can choose from a variety of colors and finishes, including an impressive glass panel door design. A Mitsubishi Electric refrigerator not only excels in functionality but also sets the benchmark for style in any kitchen space.

Not sure which Mitsubishi Electric refrigerator/freezer is the perfect match for you? Click the button below to explore Mitsubishi Electric's personalized refrigerator selector, ensuring you find the ideal fit for your needs!

Heat Pumps

Quietly superior, Mitsubishi Electric is New Zealand’s quietest heat pump* for optimal comfort in bedrooms and living spaces so that you feel the warmth, not hear it. 
Designed with heating in mind, a Mitsubishi Electric heat pump is perfect for the ever changing New Zealand climate. On cold frosty days, innovative Hypercore Technology guarantees full rated heating capacity right down to -15⁰C. 
With features such as Advanced Filtration to ensure clean, allergen-free air within your home and Wi-Fi Control so you never return to a cold home again, there is a Mitsubishi Electric high wall heat pump or floor console to best suit your home and lifestyle. 


Mitsubishi Electric offers a range of multifunctional dehumidifiers with advanced features to manage moisture, dry laundry and purify the air - all within a single compact unit, making them New Zealand’s Best Selling Dehumidifiers since 2005. 
With proven technology designed to minimize the effects of moisture and condensation in your home, take control of your indoor comfort with a Mitsubishi Electric dehumidifier and breathe easy in a healthier and drier living space.