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Warranty: 12 months manufacturer's warranty included

Total warranty: 12 months

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To fit AFK BS 1500 Airflo Hyper Airflo Longreach Airflo Phantom Airflo Regal Alaska BS 1010 ECM Alaska BS 1260 Alaska BS 1360 Bestron Eco Bestron K 00007 Bestron K 1010 Series Bestron K 1020 Series Bestron K 1070 Series Bestron K 1080 Series Bestron K 1090 Series Bestron K 1300 S Bestron K 1500 EZ Bissell BS68G9 Bissell Illuminator BS68G9 Black and Decker VM 650 XE Black and Decker VM 800 XE Brio CEO 61VC Brio CEO 97VC Brio EVC078 Brio Magnum Brio VC 6000 - VC 8000 Cascade CEO 61VC Cascade CEO 97VC Cascade EVC 078 Cascade Magnum Cascade VC 6000 - VC 8000 Clatronic/CTC BS 1201 Clatronic/CTC BS 1202 Clatronic/CTC BS 1203 Clatronic/CTC BS 1212 Clatronic/CTC BS 2001 Curtiss GSA 80 Curtiss GSS 180 Curtiss HV 1440 De Sina 1400e blue metallic De Sina BBS 1010 De Sina BSS De Sina Eco Clean DeLonghi Xlence 1900w DeLonghi Xlence 2100w DeLonghi Xlence 2100w Turbo DeLonghi XTL190PE DeLonghi XTL210PE DeLonghi XTL212PET Electrolux Boss Electrolux Dolphin Electrolux Dolphin Plus Electrolux Mega Electrolux U 5002 - U 5006 Electrolux Ultima Electrolux Z 4150 Electrolux Z4150 Boss Goblin 403 Goblin 405 Goblin 410 Goblin 470 Goblin 479 Goblin 489 Goblin Aspen Goblin G 403-419 Goblin G 470-489 Hitachi CV 4700 Hitachi CV 4800 Hitachi CV 5100 Hitachi CV 5200 Hitachi CV 5300 Hitachi CV 5500 Hitachi CV 5570 Hitachi CV 5600 Hitachi CV 5700 Hitachi CV 7070 Hitachi CV 7080 Hitachi CV 7100 Hitachi CV 7300 Hitachi CV 7405 Hitachi CV 7500 Hitachi CVF 110 Hitachi Powerhouse Hitachi S 880 Hitachi Stoneway Hoover 2000-4000x Turbo Hoover H 2000 Hoover H 2000PH Hoover H 5003 Hoover Powerforce Hoover Powermax Hoover Silver Streak Hoover Silverado Hoover Bags H 30 Kambrook Jaguar Kambrook Jaguar Flight Kambrook Jaguar Glide Kambrook Jaguar Kompact Kambrook Jaguar Race Kambrook Jaguar Swift Kambrook Jaguar Zipi Kambrook Jaguar Zoom Kambrook KV 602E Kambrook KVC 11 Kambrook KVC 1100 Kambrook KVC 12 Kambrook KVC 1200 Kambrook KVC 1300 Kambrook KVC 15 Kambrook KVC 1500 Kambrook KVC 16 Kambrook KVC 19 Kambrook KVC 1900 Kambrook KVC 23 Kambrook KVC 24 Kambrook Bags KVB 12 Kambrook Bags KVB 19 Kambrook Bags KVB 30 Karcher TSC 505 - TSC 555 Karcher Bags 6.969-001 Kenwood 1802 LG Electronics VC 2940 ND LG Electronics VC 3900 LG Electronics VC 3900D Lloyds .628/266 Lloyds .865/334 Lloyds .865/842 Medion MD 5729 Melissa VCC 16 Mitsubishi MP 3 Mitsubishi MP 5A Morgan's Cyclone 1350B Nilfisk A100 Nilfisk A300 Nilfisk A400 Nilfisk Action Nilfisk Action Plus Nilfisk Action Plus Pet Nilfisk Action Plus Special Nilfisk Astral Series Nilfisk Comet Nilfisk Coupe Nilfisk Freestyle Nilfisk GM 100 Sprint Nilfisk GM 100P Nilfisk GM 100S Nilfisk GM 150 Nilfisk GM 160 Nilfisk GM 170 Nilfisk Pet Pack Nilfisk Shuttle Nilfisk Sprint Series Nilfisk Bags 823 278 00 Novamatic KST-1000 Piranha C 62278 Piranha Hercules Ronson RVC 10 Ronson RVC 20 Salco STC-150 Samsung 9014v Samsung 9015v Samsung Exbug Samsung SC 4020 - 4045 Samsung SC 7030 - 7059 Samsung SC 7060 Samsung TC 9014V Samsung TC 9015V Samsung V 5000 - 5013 Samsung V 900E - 1000E Samsung VC 60.. Series Samsung VC 7065 Samsung VC 74.. Series Samsung VC 76.. Series Samsung VC 77.. Series Samsung Veloce Samsung Veloce-eco Samsung VP 77 Samsung Bags Type VM-90 Samsung Bags Type VP-90 Sharp EC-8300 Sharp EC-8500 Sharp Bags EC-05PC3-A Vax Cygnus Vax R06E02 Vax Selections Vax VS-032 Vax VS-03R Volta 4502 - 4504 Volta Dolphin Volta Dolphin Plus Volta Dolphin Plus Turbo Volta Gemini Volta Gemini Pulsar Volta Mega Gen 3 Volta U 4214 Volta U 4401 Volta U 4502 - 4505 Volta U 5001 Volta U 5002 Volta U 5003 Volta U 5011 Volta U 510 Volta U 9020 Volta Ultima Wertheim CT 1000 Wertheim ET 1400 Wertheim ET 1600 Wertheim ET 1700 Wertheim RT 1000 Wertheim RTN 1000 Zelmer 1010 - 1199 Zelmer 1010 Series Zelmer Admiral Zelmer Allergo Zelmer Compact Zelmer Eco Super Zip 125 Zip 225 Zip 325 Zip 413 Zip Elegance Zip Sterling Zip Supreme

This product comes with a 12 month manufacturer's warranty.

Benefits of the Premium Care Product Protection Plan

  • Peace of mind: You are Covered for problems with the functionality or operation of Your Item, including Fair Wear and Tear, during the term of Your Premium Care Product Protection Plan.
  • Replacement for products under $400: During the period of Your Cover, if Your Item costs less than $400 and it suffers a Breakdown, We will replace it with a new product or provide a Store Card.
  • No Lemon Guarantee: During the period of Your Cover, if Your Item costs more than $400 and has been repaired three times under Your Premium Care Product Protection Plan, on the fourth time We will replace it with a new product or provide You with a Store Card.
  • Repair Time Guarantee: If We take longer than 21 days to repair Your Item, We will replace it with a new product or provide You with a Store Card.
  • Our 21 day guarantee commences from when the repairer has possession of Your Item and ceases the earlier of:
    • The date the repairer sends to You or makes available to You Your Covered Item having completed repairs; and
    • The date that is 21 days after the repairer received possession of Your Item.
  • Fair Wear and Tear: We Cover mechanical or electrical breakdown of Your Item even as a result of Fair Wear and Tear.
  • Free Assessment: We will not charge You for an assessment, even when no fault is found with Your Item.
  • Free Freight Costs: During the claims process, We will Cover any freight costs associated with the handling of Your Item.
  • Power Surge Protection: Your Item is Covered for a Breakdown caused by a power surge.
  • Overseas Protection: Portable Items such as Laptops, Tablets, Mobile Phones and Digital Cameras that can be used whilst travelling overseas are Covered when they suffer a Breakdown whilst overseas.
  • Small Business Cover: We provide Cover for laptops, desktops, tablets, printers and scanners used within a Small Business.
  • Additional Benefits: Additional food spoilage and laundry service benefits are available in the event of a valid claim for the relevant Covered Item, even when the Covered Item fails due to Fair Wear and Tear.
  • Transferability: Should You sell or gift Your Covered Item You can choose to transfer the Cover to the new owner of the Item.

The above benefits are all subject to the terms, conditions and exclusions.

Available Extended Warranties

Extend by 48 months
Extend by 12 months
Extend by 36 months
Extend by 24 months

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Delivery Time Frames

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Bed & Bedroom Furniture Delivery Time Frames - Please allow 10-14 working days. Rural areas please allow an extra day or two.

Please note the delivery fee covers delivery only - installation is not included.

Tracking Your Order

Heathcotes partner with Courier Post & Fliway Transport to deliver your order direct to your door.

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Freight Rates

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Please note the delivery fee covers delivery only - installation is not included.

National Delivery Network

For smaller orders, we use CourierPost's network, for larger orders we use Fliway's Delivery Network. All orders must be signed for on delivery so we know that your purchase has been delivered successfully.

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If you have any questions regarding the delivery of your product please contact the Heathcote Appliances website