Television technology is the best it’s ever been – with the best brands in NZ like Samsung, Sony, Panasonic and TCL. New TV technology is arriving in all the time – the latest being the Samsung Neo QLED technology. Samsung Neo QLED takes the existing Quantum Dot QLED technology to the next level even up to 8K. TCL also offer a range of QLED TVs meaning premium quality at affordable prices. Samsung also have a range of TVs designed for use outdoors – the Samsung Terrace range, IP55 rated these TVs are totally weatherproof.

If you are after the absolute best cinematic experience in either 4K or 8K then an OLED TV is the way to go – the backlighting in these TVs organically turn off giving much deeper blacks allowing perfect contrast the way the content was made to be watched. Sony and Panasonic are our top brands showcasing this technology.

Ultra HD (UHD) TVs round out the remaining panel selection. These TVs boast an impressive 4K resolution which is four times the resolution of a standard HD TV. All the above TVs feature the latest in entertainment apps like Netflix, Amazon and Disney+

So if you are looking to buy a new TV and you are looking for the best prices in NZ then look no further!

We also carry a range of TV accessories to complete your setup like One for All Wall Brackets and replacement remotes, Criterion & Tauris TV Cabinets and Entertainment Units.