Starting in 1930 in Milan, the Gaggia coffee brand has been delivering state of the art coffee machines for decades. Derived from one man’s mission to create the perfect espresso, Achille Gaggia developed new patent technology that still perseveres to this day.

Heathcotes presents two key ranges of Gaggia coffee machines;

The Gaggia Classic Range is designed and made in Itally, established to inspire and unleash your inner barista! The chromed brass group & filter holder are the same size, style and weight of professional machines and guarantee optimal coffee temperature throughout the brewing process. The 15-bar pump allows you to apply the perfect amount of pressure allowing water to pass through, correctly delivering a layer of crema naturale

The Gaggia Anima automatic range is designed to remove all the hard work from your daily morning coffee at a push of a button. A variety of coffee types allows you to stick to what you know or become adventurous on your coffee journey, right at your fingertips. Designed and made in Italy, the Anima range automatically cleans the coffee circuit when the machine is turned off and on. The intelligent design also alerts you when it’s time to descale the machine with step by step instructions on the display. Smart, stylish and easy to use – you can’t go wrong.

Upgrade your current coffee methods at Heathcotes, your 100% NZ owned appliance store.

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