Not only is InSinkErator the best-selling brand in the world for food waste disposers, but they also make the new MultiTap System create the best in multi-function convenience.

InSinkErator - Food Waste Disposers

Making kitchens clean, hygienic and environmentally responsible for over 70 years. Food waste disposers make life easier and better. InSinkErator is the easiest disposers to install and provide the greatest peace of mind.

Heathcotes stock the full range of InSinkErator models that you can find at any of our Waikato branches. From the Emerson Model 20 to the Model 66 there is an InSinkErator for every budget.

With the latest in advanced technology, you can see how these great additions to your kitchen make short work of food waste. Learn more.

InSinkErator®MultiTap System

The InSinkErator®MultiTap System combines a contemporary mixer tap with a near-boiling hot water lever to provide standard hot water, filtered cold and 98°C near-boiling water on the spot.

It’s the modern, elegant sink appliance that unites Italian designed form with multifunction convenience. Learn more.

You can view the range at any of our four Waikato stores where our trained staff can guide you on the right model InSinkErator for you.

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