Winners aren’t made overnight. Over 50 years of sound and design expertise has been distilled into each and every Marshall speaker and set of headphones, bringing that big stage presence for your listening enjoyment.

Marshall speakers

With a classic look that is symbolic with all styles of music over the last five decades, Marshal brings design and technology into your home like nothing before. With textured vinyl coverings, clean and precise audio, even at the highest levels, The Marshal speaker range has something for everyone.

See the range of Bluetooth and multiroom speakers that will bring music to life in any room in the house. You can view and experience our range of Marshall speakers at any of our four Waikato stores.

Marshall headphones

Life is to short for poor audio, the Marshall headphone range delivers quality on each pair that is sure to impress. Marshall has a set of headphones for any requirement including the in-ear mode that delivers huge audio from a small package, Marshall Major II Headphones with an updated sound, looks and durability to the studio-quality Marshall Audio Monitor Over-Ear Bluetooth Wireless Headphones.

You can see a full range of Marshall Headphones at any of our four Waikato stores

Our trained staff will help guide you on what best Marshall audio product will suit your requirements.